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The Minnesota Department of Health has for the 3rd year  awarded Sabathani Community Center  an Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative (EHDI). Sabathani has and continues to partner with community partners to address health disparities in the African American and the Latino communities in the areas of Diabetes, Teen Pregnancy, and Unintentional Injury and Violence.  Our community partners include the Minnesota Internship Center  (MNIC) Alternative High School, Kente Circle, Samuel Simmons Consulting, Child & Teen Checkup, DAP, ADA, and other health and wellness care professionals.  The EHDI project is designed to break down the walls and barriers between Sabathani‚Äôs programs, tenants organizations, and community partners in a concerted effort to collectively improve community health outcomes.  

Please contact Pat Anderson, EHDI Coordinator, for more information.  Pat can be reached at (612) 821-2315.

   310 East 38th Street Minneapolis MN 55409  |  Phone: 612.821.2300  |  Fax: 612.823.7998
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