A Message from CEO Redd – Fall 2022

A Message from CEO Redd – Fall 2022

As President and CEO, I’m blessed to see all the great things happening at Sabathani Community Center. If it’s been some time since your most recent visit, I’m happy to report that the campus is more vibrant than ever. I urge you to return to “the Heart of South Minneapolis” for a reunion, conference, or campus visit.

The welcoming spirit of Sabathani Community Center is reflected not only in the amazing staff, but also in the diverse range of businesses and organizations that call Sabathani their home.

I can attest that this vibrant spirit is a hallmark of Sabathani, and supporters like you are our very best ambassadors. Sabathani is commitment to doing with the community and not to the community is reflected in all that we do.

We have taken steps to “build back better and beyond.” Now is a wonderful time to engage with Sabathani and take part in our transformational journey.

Again, thank you for your support, generosity, and confidence.

Scott Redd
President & CEO

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