Ace Driving School226612.724.4800
Afrah Plus LLC215 
African Women Inc.205 
CAPI FooshelfLL26612.721.0122
Chrestomathy, Inc.311612.822.6691
Connections to Independence 300612.354.2437
Five Star Home Care 304W 
Garden Home Healthcare,Inc.Room I612.821.2345
Guardian Home Health Care Services Inc 228 
Hennepin County120612.348.5873
Hennepin County Outreach227 
Kids Care Zone Limited Administration226952.452.3765
Kids Care Zone Limited115612.703.4970
Melvin D. ColemanRoom H612.963.1442
Metro Blooms203651.699.2426
MNIC Adult EducationLL2 
MNIC High SchoolLL1612.838.0758
Multiple Choice Adult Daycare 117 & 101 
Out Front MN GBLTG 209612.822.0127
Prince Hall Grand Lodge217612.824.5150
Puppetteers of America127612.821.2382
Salama Health Home Care LLC303 
Somali Family & Youth Services204 B612.227.9249
Tamesha GuinnRoom G 
Upper Midwest Narcotics224612.822.9472