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Elva Herrera
Housing Stability Coordinator

Elva Herrera has been a lifelong resident of Minneapolis with a profound commitment to fostering positive change within the community. Prior to joining Sabathani, she dedicated several years to serving as a case manager at another non-profit, where her focus was on transitioning individuals experiencing sheltered homelessness into stable housing while connecting them with essential resources. She has a passion for cultivating genuine relationships with participants while giving back to the community that has shaped her life. In her new role as a Housing Stability Coordinator at Sabathani, she is eager provide crucial case management for families at risk of homelessness, helping these families find some stability to improve their current situation, while also striving for a better future with security. Elva is excited to bring her  experiences and knowledge to Sabathani to help fight the housing crisis while also improving the lives of families in our community.