In 1975, Sabathani Community Center opened our neighborhood food shelf as an emergency food security resource for the community. Today, our food shelf distributes over 1 million pounds of food annually—including culturally specific, locally sourced, perishable, and shelf-stable items—to approximately 32,000 individuals annually.

Located in the basement in Room 20.

Hours of Operation:
9:30-3:00 p.m.

*New visitors need to arrive before the last half-hour of each shift to register.

Client Choice

Sabathani’s food shelf allows clients to choose their own groceries.

Culturally Specific Foods

In response to the needs of our diverse community, SCC dedicates a portion of food inventory to culturally specific food options that are uncommon at most food shelves.

Community Food Delivery

Sabathani delivers food to seniors to help address isolation and maintain their health. Food is also delivered to other community members unable to travel to the food shelf in person.

Sabathani’s Clothing Closet is an affordable option for our clients and community members to access clothing and household goods. The Clothing Closet is open to the public, and all proceeds support Sabathani’s programming.

Hours of Operation:

10:00am- 2:00pm

Sabathani’s Community Revision Project is one part of the larger 38th Street THRIVE Strategic Development Plan for the City of Minneapolis. The Community Revision Project includes renovating Sabathani’s physical building to become more energy-efficient, providing programming for green job training and access, and ensuring Sabathani remains a critical pillar for South Minneapolis neighborhoods.

The South Minneapolis community needs a place that people can trust in times of climate-related emergency, power outages, and natural disasters. In 2021, as part of its Community Revision Project, Sabathani embarked on an initiative to become a safe, secure Resilience Hub for our community. Over the next several years, Sabathani, in partnership with the Center for Energy and Environment, Xcel Energy, and the City of Minneapolis, is working to turn Sabathani’s building into an efficient, green energy Resilience Hub for the community. Read more about the project here. 

As a major cultural asset, it is vital we invest and renovate Sabathani Community Center to preserve its legacy in providing the community space to build relationships, conduct business and support each other as neighbors. We look forward to sharing more information about this innovative project.

A 48-unit residential development providing affordable housing for older adults and seniors 55+; slated to open in 2022. More information coming soon.

For more information about Sabathani’s current programming, call us at 612-821-2300.