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Building Healthier Lives in South Minneapolis

Welcome to the Sabathani Better Together Program

At the heart of South Minneapolis, the Sabathani Community Center is proud to present the Sabathani Better Together program, in collaboration with Hue-MAN Partnership and with support from UnitedHealthcare Catalyst.

Our mission is simple but profound: to bridge the gap in diabetes care and prevention that has disproportionately affected our African American community. We understand the systemic challenges that have hindered access to vital services and culturally relevant information. Sabathani Better Together is our response, our commitment to a healthier future for all.

Our Commitment to You

Program Objectives

  • Health Referral Network: We’re establishing a network that simplifies health referrals within our community.
  • Community-Centric Diabetes Care: Sabathani, a trusted Black-led community partner in South Minneapolis since its founding in 1966, will serve as your hub for diabetes care, education, and engagement. 
  • Education and Awareness: We’re crafting a diabetes awareness campaign that’s built on an intergenerational foundation. It’s about culturally compentent, comprehensive access to diabetes care and prevention for all ages.

What You Can Expect

When you engage with Sabathani Better Together, you’re investing in a brighter future for yourself and your loved ones. Here’s what we’re committed to achieving:

  • Immediate Progress: We’ll raise community awareness about diabetes and empower you with knowledge about the healthy choices you can make.
  • Intermediate Milestones: Expect improved physical activity levels, healthier eating habits, and better health conditions.
  • Lasting Impact: Our vision includes a trusted network of culturally competent care, fewer prediabetes cases, and a thriving community for generations to come.

Join us for a FREE health and wellness fair tailored for the South Minneapolis community. 

Date: Saturday, April 13  
Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm  
Location: Sabathani Community Center Gym 

Event Highlights: 

  • Free health screenings and vaccines
  • Health and wellness information to support your well-being
  • Family-friendly activities and prize giveaways
  • Free lunch for the first 100 to register by April 6

Seeking Community Involvement

Join our Community Action Committee (CAC) to be a voice, a catalyst for change in South Minneapolis. Your unique insights and experiences will shape this community-driven initiative. The CAC isn’t just a committee; it’s a guiding force that influences our program’s direction, partnerships, and the impact it has on our community. If you’re interested in joining the Community Action Committee and representing the residents of South Minneapolis, please contact us at

Meet the Catalyst Program Team

At the heart of Sabathani Better Together is a collaborative effort. The Sabathani Community Center partners with the Hue-MAN Partnership and a team of dedicated healthcare specialists. We are deeply grateful to United Healthcare for their generous funding, enabling us to offer these program activities at no cost to participants, regardless of their health insurance carrier or coverage status.

We’re committed to serving our community, and we look forward to welcoming you.