Senior Housing

Sabathani Community Center plans to build approximately 50 units of affordable housing for senior citizens (55+) on the  northwest corner of the Sabathani Campus. The housing is intended to serve seniors that live in, or once lived in, the community.

To create the Sabathani Senior Housing requires the investment of significant public and private resources to build the development.  Sabathani will seek public funding in 2016, which will allow for the construction of the building in 2017.


In the News:
Star Tribune, March 20, 2015 link:

Southwest Journal, April 25, 2016

Project Update:
March, 2016: The Senior Housing Development team will present at the AARP meeting, March 24, 1:00pm, Room 106


February, 2016: The Senior Housing Development Team shared the drawings and information at the 50th Anniversary Celebration

May, 2016: The Senior Housing Development team presented initial plans to the Sabathani and surrounding community. We heard that:

  1. It is important to maximize the community garden and open space. So, we brought all the parking below grade. The covering between the Senior Housing and Community Center should be extended to provide better cover.
  2. It is important that the building style be traditional, not modern. The building prominently feature brick.
  3. A large community space that can accommodate a large group is important.  Some of the Senior Center programming will take place in the new building.