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Sabathani’s New Affordable Housing Project: A Thriving Community for All

Sabathani’s New Affordable Housing Project: A Thriving Community for All

Have you heard about Sabathani’s new affordable housing project? In response to the rising cost of housing and the challenges faced by our community, we’re developing plans to construct a new building on our campus that will provide more affordable rental options. This initiative is rooted in our commitment to fostering the prosperity of the South Minneapolis community.

Key Details and Unknowns:
The upcoming building will feature six stories and accommodate 70+ units, offering 1, 2, and 3-bedroom options. We’re working within the city’s current zoning guidelines to make this project a reality. While the exact timeline for completion is unknown, financing is underway, and funding decisions are expected later in 2023. Construction may potentially begin by the end of 2024, subject to the speed of the financing process.  

Design, Offices, and Amenities:
Specifics regarding the building’s design, onsite offices, and resident amenities are yet to be determined. As the project progresses, more information will be shared about these aspects. (Note: The image above is a stock photo as the building’s design is yet to be determined.)

Community Involvement:
In collaboration with the Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization, Sabathani has organized community discussions to present the project and gather feedback. The primary concerns raised by the community members in attendance have revolved around public safety and the size of the building. We take these concerns seriously and are committed to addressing them. 

Supporting Public Safety:
Your safety matters to us. Alongside implementing robust security measures, we’ll connect residents with Sabathani’s programs and resources to promote their overall well-being. 

Responding to Community Needs:
The potential residents of this new building are already part of our South Minneapolis community. They’re facing the challenge of affording the increasing cost of living here. This project aims to uplift the entire community by providing affordable housing options. As Senator Paul Wellstone said, “We all do better when we all do better.” 

Continued Engagement:
We’re excited to continue engaging with the community throughout the summer. Our Sabathani staff will be sharing more about the plan, addressing questions, and listening to your concerns. Please subscribe to our email list to hear about upcoming conversations and updates on the project.  

Sabathani’s new housing project is a significant step toward creating a thriving South Minneapolis where everyone can find affordable and accessible housing options. With an ongoing commitment to serving our community, we look forward to working together to make this vision a reality. Together, let’s forge a future where every individual can secure a place they can call home.

Editors note: The featured image for this blog post was changed to a graphic image. Although we had indicated that the previous photo of a building used was a stock photo, we didn’t want to create the mistaken impression that the building pictured was what our new building would look like.

Update July 27, 2023: Additional community conversations have been scheduled for August 10 and September 14, 6:30 to 8pm in the Sabathani Banquet Room. These gatherings aim to provide essential updates on the project’s progress and give community members the opportunity to share input and ask questions.

8 thoughts on “Sabathani’s New Affordable Housing Project: A Thriving Community for All”

  1. Art Serotoff says:

    The community sessions convened by CANDO were effective and representative of the community. Please continue with CANDO as convenor.

    1. jleaf@sabathani.org says:

      Thank you for your comment, Art. The follow-up gatherings with Sabathani are scheduled for August 10 and September 14 and will be facilitated by Carmen Lewis, Executive Director of CANDO.

  2. Kathy Arneson says:

    I’ve attended the community meetings and continue to participate in ongoing meetings with neighborhood members who have questions that Sabathani has not answered about this project. We have reached out to Sabathani leadership on multiple occasions and have not heard back. I feel this article does not reflect a true desire to collaborate with the community on this project. I welcome a chance to speak further with leadership. Our next meeting is Thursday, July 13th at 6pm in the Community Room of the Senior Apartments. (I tried sending this previously, but it appeared not to go.)

    1. jleaf@sabathani.org says:

      Thank you for your message, Kathy. We’ve just replied to you via email and look forward to continuing the conversation with the community. We’ll be sharing dates for upcoming opportunities for discussion with Sabathani staff and community in the coming week.

    2. Has the housing project broken ground yet? I’m very curious to see where we’re at and when the projected opening is!

      1. jleaf@sabathani.org says:

        Hi Amanda, thanks for your question. No, the project has not broken ground yet. We are still in the phase of acquiring funding, and there are no new updates at this time.

  3. Patrick says:

    no information updated in months. please update.

    1. jleaf@sabathani.org says:

      Hi Patrick, apologies for the lack of recent updates and the delay in responding to your comment. We are still in the phase of acquiring funding, and there are no new updates at this time.

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