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Revitalizing the Sabathani Museum: Celebrating Heritage, Creating Access

Revitalizing the Sabathani Museum: Celebrating Heritage, Creating Access

We are thrilled to share the developments planned for the Sabathani Community Center’s Cultural Heritage Museum. Established in 2017, this collection showcases the history of Sabathani and the South Minneapolis Black community, featuring the exhibit “Owning Up: Racism and Housing in Minneapolis” alongside tributes honoring local and national African American luminaries. 

To make this important history more accessible to our community, the exhibit will be moved from its original second-floor location to the ground floor hallways, with a dedicated room strategically positioned near the auditorium for prominence and ease of access. Current efforts involve meticulous inventorying and organization of materials, including additional artwork from Sabathani’s archive. 

Our goal is to complete the first phase of this project in February 2024 in recognition of Black History Month. We’ll have a grand opening celebration, inviting the community to join us to take a tour of the revitalized space. Stay tuned for details.  

In tandem with re-establishing the museum, we’re repainting the Sabathani halls to serve as a fresh canvas on which to showcase rich legacy. We’ll do a few other renovations as well, including the addition of a concession area alongside our auditorium, which is currently getting lighting and sound upgrades.  

Through all these enhancements, we pay tribute to the contributions of those who have shaped the vibrant history of South Minneapolis, and we move toward a future of continued growth to meet the needs of our community today.  

The endeavor to bring this vision to life is led by a committee of Sabathani staff, spearheaded by Rachel Adams, one of our new youth coordinators. We extend an invitation to all who wish to contribute to the development of this exhibit. Your insights on the history of Sabathani and the community would be appreciated. Reach out to us at info@sabathani.org if you would like to be involved in this project’s development. 

UPDATE 1/12/24: Join us on Thursday, February 22 for our Sabathani Southside Community Celebration where we’ll showcase the reopening of the Sabathani Living History Museum. Click here to learn more and register today.

2 thoughts on “Revitalizing the Sabathani Museum: Celebrating Heritage, Creating Access”

  1. Rosa Maria Rodriguez says:

    Please!!! Keep me posted about the Grand Opening so I can Attend. Thank you.

    1. jleaf@sabathani.org says:

      Hi Rosa! Thanks for your interest. We’ve just announced the reopening event. Join us on Thursday, February 22. Learn more and register here: https://sabathani.org/gva_event/sabathani-southside-community-celebration/

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