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Sabathani Better Together Unites Community for Healthier Living

Sabathani Better Together Unites Community for Healthier Living

Did you know that Black adults are over twice as likely as white adults to develop diabetes? This stark health disparity also includes increased chances of hospitalization and other severe health conditions, as highlighted by the American Health Association.

To address this critical issue, Sabathani Community Center introduced its groundbreaking initiative, Sabathani Better Together. Last Saturday, on November 18, we hosted a pivotal event—a complimentary diabetes screening—to inaugurate this transformative program.

At the heart of the event were invaluable collaborations with several healthcare providers and exhibitors, including:

  • Hue-MAN Partnership
  • United Healthcare
  • YMCA of the North
  • Axcel Healthcare Staffing
  • Metro State Nursing Department
  • MN Black Nurses
  • Minnesota Department of Health
  • Minnesota Department of Human Services

The event was a vibrant convergence of community members engaging in free diabetes and blood pressure checks while having meaningful conversations with healthcare experts. It emphasized the values of respect, trust, and community solidarity in promoting wellness.

MPR News was present to cover the event, and you can click here to read the story. In the article, Scott Redd, President and CEO of Sabathani, underscored the initiative’s focus, stating, “We can’t control things that are hereditary, but we can control how folks eat, the access and awareness that folks get to exercise and to eating healthy.”

Looking ahead, Sabathani Better Together initiative plans to expanded offerings in 2024, introducing health coaching, nutrition and exercise classes, and culturally competent care referrals. The program’s vision is to equip the community with essential tools for sustained well-being and vitality.

As one of Minnesota’s oldest African-American nonprofits, Sabathani is a trusted Black-led organization that annually opens its doors to more than 150,000 individuals, predominantly people of color or low-income. From this vantage point, we envision the profound potential of this program in positively impacting community health.

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