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Uplifting South Minneapolis: Black Votes Matter in the Upcoming Election 

Uplifting South Minneapolis: Black Votes Matter in the Upcoming Election 

In a recent interview on The Conversation with Al McFarlane, three influential community leaders came together to discuss the pivotal upcoming election and its significance for the Black community. Scott Redd, President and CEO of Sabathani Community Center, Anika Robbins, founder of Black Votes Matter MN, and Makeda Zulu, Executive Director of the Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center, passionately conveyed the importance of this moment. 

Standing Up for the Heart of South Minneapolis

Throughout the interview, Redd spoke up for how the upcoming election can impact Ward 8 and the needs of the neighborhood surrounding Sabathani Community Center.

The 38th Street Corridor in South Minneapolis stands as a vibrant and historically significant hub, largely shaped by the Black community. Redd emphasized that no community, especially the Black community, should be left behind in the quest for progress. With Sabathani’s proximity to the site of George Floyd’s tragic murder, he stressed the urgency of electing candidates who can offer hope and critical support to the community.  

He expressed the need for elected officials who not only hear but also act upon the wants and needs of the community. It’s a call to action that urges us to choose representatives who will actively work to address the community’s concerns and demands. 

Watch the full interview here:  

Help Shape Our Community’s Future

Join us at the Ward 8 Candidate Forum, hosted by Black Votes Matter MN, on Tuesday, October 24 from 6 to 8pm at the Sabathani Community Center Auditorium. This forum offers a unique platform to engage with City Council candidates, discuss local issues, and have an open dialogue. It’s your chance to ask tough questions, voice concerns, and get to know the individuals who may represent your community. 

We strongly encourage you to actively participate in this forum and inspire your friends and family to join you. Together, we can collaborate to create a more equitable and prosperous South Minneapolis. 

Update 11/3/23: The Ward 8 Candidate Forum was streamed live on the Black Votes Matter Facebook page: Click here to watch now. 

Prepare for Election Day

Remember, Election Day is on Tuesday, November 7. Make a plan to vote, either in advance or on the day of. Here are some quick links to help you get started: 

Your voice, your vote, and your active engagement matter.  


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